Transportation services between Philippines and Bulgaria

Manila port - one of the busiest in the world

Manila port – one of the busiest in the world

The Republic of the Philippines, more commonly referred to as the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, at 1,210 km from the coast of mainland Asia. The country consist of 7,107 islands, of which only about 10% are inhabited. Philippine  population is nearly 90 million. The capital is Manila, with a population over 11 million people which makes it one of the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the world.

The economy of the Philippines is still primarily agricultural, although light industry is growing. Philippines are 118th out of 178 countries in terms of GDP. Once the richest in Asia after Japan, the Philippine economy shrank in the early 1980s as a result of reduced demand for Philippine products. Attempts to improve the economy have been hampered by the large national debt of 77% of GDP. Interesting what would Greeks and Cypriots say to this.  Philippines is a member of the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other international economic organizations. Major trading partners of the Philippines are the United States and Japan.

Bulgarian forwarding company KG SID Ltd. offers a variety of freight and logistics services related to the transportation of loads  to and from the Philippines:


Air transport: We provide air cargo transportation from the airport Sofia as well as in specific cases from other airports in the European Union with the aim of offering cost-effective transportation at reasonable transit time.

LCL transportation: We offer service from Port of Varna as well as from the port of Antwerp. However, movement via port Varna is more cost effective with relatively the same tranzit time as the ocean movement via Antwerp.
In the port of Varna-West cargoes are consolidated and stuffed o a container which sails to the port of Singapore from where the goods are transhipped to Manila and Cebu ports. Container from Varna-West departs every 2 weeks and the transit time to Manila is about 40-41 days (includes transhipment time in Singapore) and to Cebu is 41-42 days.
For movement via Antwerp cargo is consolidated into CFS warehouse in Sofia, where every Friday a groupage truck departs for the Antwerp port where the loads are processed for final destination – CFS in  Manila and CFS in Cebu.
Transit time from departure of trucks from Sofia to the arrival at CFS in Manila is approximately 45-47 days, and to CFS Cebu approximately 51-52 days.

Ocean transportation export of full container loads: We offer services with various carriers via ports of Varna, Burgas and Thessaloniki, depending on your requirements for transit time and related transportation cost.

If you have any requests for air export, sea freight LCL or transport of full containers – FCL, please contact Bulgarian logistics and freight forwarding company KG SID LTD.


Air Cargo: With the assistance of our partners from PFI Agents Network and Five Stars Network we offer airfreight transportation from Philippines via Manila airport to Bulgaria. Whether on a direct service to Sofia Airport or via some of the big European Airports, we can provide not only the air transportation but also such value added services like customs clearance and delivery do door.

LCL (Low Than a Container Load) – You can contact us direct for a quote on inbound LCL cargoes from Manila and Cebu to Varna. With excellent connections with leading NVOCC we can book your cargo from door to door with full transparency of cost and no hidden charges.
We offer services from CFS Manila and CFS Cebu via Hong Kong and via Singapore to Varna. Transit time in Hong Kong is about 41 days, and from Cebu about 42 days.

Ocean transportation of full containers – We offer services with various carriers via ports of Varna, Burgas and Thessaloniki, depending on your requirements for transit time and related transportation cost.  You can contact us direct for inbound cargoes of full containers from the Philippines.

If you have any transportation requests or require a quote for importing freight – via air freight,  LCL sea freight or ocean transportation of full containers from Philippines to Bulgaria or even near countries like Macedonia please contact Bulgarian logistics and freight forwarding company KG SID LTD.

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  1. Mark says:

    Dear Sir /madam,
    Hopefully business is going on well over there!

    I would like your company to forward my Goods from your warehouse to
    our Airport at Entebbe International Airport-Kampala Uganda.
    They are Four Pallets of Laptops Computers, There are 1000 Kilogrames
    all together Each Pallet is 35Centimetre wedith and 70CentimetrLengith.

    The height for Each pallet is 1metre please provide us with a
    quotation for sending the goods to Entebbe International Airport in
    The goods will be delivered to your warehouse by our supplier so
    please calculate the costs for shipping the goods from your warehouse
    to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.
    We are waiting for your Response
    thanks and best regards
    sales manager
    TEL/FAX: 000 256 414 345 580
    CELL: 000 256 771 834 968 KAMPALA (U)

  2. mark Webb says:

    Do you ship from Manila to Bulgaria?
    I Am interested in shipping around 6 boxes each weighing over 100kgs and rough 600x600x700mm w/l/h

  3. Stoilov Georgi says:


    may I ask you to send a request using our contact form. Please go to Contacts and fill the form. Normally reply will be received within the office day

    Best regards
    KG CARGO team

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