Thank you Care Services

I want to share a very positive experience we had at the Austrian- Swiss Border. Switzerland is not part of the customs union called European Union and when you truck goods to Switzerland you need to do some efforts in customs processing – but namely closing the export declaration issued in one of the EU countries making the import customs processing in Switzerland.

The majority of truckers are not involved in the process in terms of being active participants. They only present the papers where they are told to. Most of time it works. Especially when the customer is a company with many exports and imports. However what happens when you deliver goods to a private company which is not involved in any import activities and has no idea about the customs procedures.

Well, that was the case we had to resolve this week. One of our customers – Bulbar, a producer of specialized furniture for bars and discotheques – has shipped some products to a bar owner in Zürich. The owner, nice person with no idea of import customs procedures was very clear that he will pay what is needed but does not to be involved as he understands nothing. Situation was a bit crucial as so far all the consignees in Switzerland for whom we have been arranging transportation have been engaged with the customs routine and either they took direct care or they have advised us to which customs office at the border should the driver attend.

And here we received great help and assistance from company called Care Services.  Professional, attentive and taking very seriously their job. This is what I can say about them.

I had a call with nice lady called Katja who, after I have explained the situation, has advised me that she will send me a mail with instructions where our driver should go and what he has to do (not that the driver followed the instructions but this is another story). The whole customs procedure at both the Austrian border and the Swiss border has been accomplished within one hour and the delivery has been done on time.

So with this post I would like to say – thank you Care Services for taking care !

You can contact Care Services for assistance at the Swiss border and you can contact KG CARGO for rates and services for trucking your loads.