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Planning of an airfreight shipment

In our last blog we have discussed the elements of the freight quote. Today we will move forward. Assume the quote is accepted and load is tendered to the shipping agent. What happens next? I would split air shipping in three main stages: 1.    Before arrival at origin airport 2.    Between origin and destination airports 3.    After arrival at destination airport Nevertheless type of goods … Continue reading Planning of an airfreight shipment »

Beware prepaid freight and shipments from China

Recently, I have joined an interesting discussion in LinkedIn concerning the “Chinese system of prepaid LCL Shipments” I am sure the majority of you have experience with this system which cannot be called Chinese at all because it is also applied in India and all over the world where there is no transparency of cost. Regrettably none of the participants of the discussion has spoken … Continue reading Beware prepaid freight and shipments from China »

Airlines furious to Spanish Airspace closure

This is a reprint from Air Cargo Weekly Activities and Trends bulletin No49 The Association of European Airlines, which brings together 35 of Europe’s most important network carriers, has roundly condemned the circumstances which caused the paralysis of air traffic within, to and from Spain last week, as air traffic controllers walked off the job without warning, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded over … Continue reading Airlines furious to Spanish Airspace closure »

Sofia airport fails to comply EU Directive

The European Commission has requested Bulgaria to ensure fair access for providers of ground handling at Sofia airport. The Commission considers that Bulgaria is failing to fulfill its obligations under Directive 96/67/EC, whereby any service provider should be able to compete to provide ground handling services such as baggage handling, catering services, fuel and oil handling, and passenger transport. Bulgaria is required to comply with … Continue reading Sofia airport fails to comply EU Directive »

The Resources of Small Size Forwarders

I would like to continue the topic about the small sized forwarders.  We all agree that the SME forwarders are more flexible than the bigger forwarding companies however they lack the resources and the buying power of the bigger forwarders. But is this the real case. Should the SSF maintain a warehouse? Should the SSF pay huge ammont for CRM and Order processing systems ? … Continue reading The Resources of Small Size Forwarders »

Cooperation between Small Forwarders

Mr. Mark J Willis from AFL Ambassador has commented on the post Small Size Forwarders that one of the ways for the SME Forwarders to stay at the market is to unite in some form of consortium.  I would agree to some extend but we should admit that cooperation between businesses is not an easy task.  Though the positive effects of such a cooperation are … Continue reading Cooperation between Small Forwarders »

The Small Size Freight Forwarders

I am receiving a good deal of news concerning the freight forwarding and logistics. In all this news however, the word is about only the big names in our industry.  Yes, exactly  the guys that boast with their hundreds of millions or billions dollars of annual revenues who handle big traffics for big manufacturers and traders worldwide. I understand this as these big players at … Continue reading The Small Size Freight Forwarders »

Freight Forwarder is a Designer

In nowadays international transportation of goods is a complex activity where many players participate in what the customer sees as one service. This is where the freight forwarder steps in in the role of an architect of the transportation chain by coordinating, monitoring and managing the set of activities, responsibilities and liabilities which at the end result in successful delivery of customer loads. Imagine a … Continue reading Freight Forwarder is a Designer »