Strike in Portugal paralyzed the National Transport system

The 24 hours strike in Portugal of the workers from the public sector paralyzed the national transportation system.

Dozens of flights from and Lisabon and Oporto have been canceled or delayed when air traffic controlers and ground handling personnel joined the strike. As per unions all Portugal ports have been closed and only about 20% of the trains in the country have been operational. The strike has been building up for weeks and organized by the of Portugal’s biggest unions in protests at Portugal government austerity measures.

The question which I am asking however is: How this strike helps the country besides only with accumulating new losses. Volkswagen plant, producing 500 cars daily, stopped (losses are estimated at tens of millions). TAP (the national air carrier) also stopped flying (again incurring loss). Port stopped (again accumulating losses).  Who will pay those losses? Unions?!  I doubt it ! Unions are capable only in blackmailing of the employers who by the way create new working places and generate revenue for everyone, includingly themselves.

This strike will only assist Portugal in her slide back to the recession. Many experts are affraid of this scenario. I am asking the trade unions. What will happen when the country economy collapses. Who will pay for the fat salaries the union leaders receive? Who will pay the union’s membership fee? And who will provide work to the increasing number of un-employed. Again unions ?! And again, I doubt it?

It is time for the unions to understand that when economy of a country stops, negatives are for everybody – includingly their memeber (I personally hope mostly for their members).  Isn’t it better to accept for certain time the weight of the cuts in the public administration. Until economy improves and before Volkswagen moves their plant out of Portugal to another EU country – Bulgaria for example or to India or to where everybody is – China! Will Portugal workers benefit of this. I doubt it!

The loola story “Less work, much get” ended in 2008. Now we are listening to another story. And it is in horror style!

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