LCL ocean transportation from Bulgaria

LCL ocean transportation is a a great way to move small shipments (less than a container load) from port to port in an cost effective way. The service becomes more and more popular in Bulgaria with several main NVOCC who sell to the freight forwarders in Bulgaria. Main players are ECU Line and Vanguard.

ECU Line export service is based on combined movement from Sofia CFS to Antwerp on a regular truck and from Antwerp loading of the parcel on the hundreds of destinations.

Truck departs every Friday
Truck is closed он previous day – Thursday
Truck arrives in Antwerp next week- Wednesday
All the loads from the truck are sorted to various destination and sail on first available container and vessel.

This routing is very good for westward movement – to USA, Canada and Latin America as well to Africa however very expensive for movements eastwards – India, Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

Also sometimes the time from unloading the shipment from the truck to loading on the next available container can take 10-12 days in Antwerp which increases the overall sailing time.

Vanguard export service starts from Varna CFS where a consolidation box is stuffed and than sailed to Singapore, from where all shipments are sorted our to various destinations served by Vanguard.

This service is very competitive on the eastward movements – to India, Far East, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania and very expensive on movement to North America and Latin America. The other disadvantage of this service is that it is fortnightly but as it becomes more popular among freight forwarding society of Bulgaria the frequency of sailings from Varna have increased.

The Bulgarian freight forwarder and logistics provider KG SID Ltd. is in excellent relations with both NVOCC and we can provide you very good rates as well as value added services like:

– pick-up from Bulgaria, Northern Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia
– export customs processing
– overall door-to-CFS and door-to-door handling

For rate requests and orders please contact Bulgarian logistics provider KG CARGO Ltd.

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  1. Miroslav Varnaliev says:

    Hey George, we are already doing it weekly from Varna – I am talking about the Unimasters / Vanguard service via Singapore.
    And we have the same scheme as ECU Line via Antwerp to North and Latin America, Africa and Med.

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