Ocean Freight

Ocean transportation represents for 95% of the world goods turnover. KG CARGO LTD. provides you with variety of ocean freight services allowing you to transport cost effectively your long lead-time orders.

Full Container loads – we organize inbound and outbound FCL transportation includingly door-to-door service and port handling, which might include un-stuffing of containers at destination port which results in lower overall costs.

Low than a Container Loads – scheduled inbound and outbound transportation of loads lower than loads filling 20′ DC, includingly door-to-door service. We can provide competitive rates on export LCL and on import LCL.

Port handling: We can take care of your inbound and outbound services at the Bulgarian ports, thus giving you the freedom to negotiate the transportation cost directly with the steam ship lines but to have more control at the port operations, which often are the bottlenecks of the overall transportation operations

For rates please send ocean transportation rate request !

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