Security measures in air cargo transportation – over-reaction or necessity

“The threats of terrorism we face are serious and evolving,” Secretary Napolitano said of the new measures in a press release, “These security measures reflect our commitment to using current intelligence to stay ahead of adversaries-working closely with our international, federal, state, local and private sector partners every step of the way.”

No doubt that security in air transportation is number one issue.
No doubt that ensuring security costs money
and no doubt that increasing security decreases the operational performance and increases cost of air transportation.

So the question is not whether security is to ensured.
The question is how to establish reliable security measures at lowest possible cost with lowest impact on the performance.

But how do politicians on the both sides of the ocean approach the issue. What is there goal. To establish security at any measure or to establish reliable security at lowest possible cost with lowest impact on the performance.

From what they do by the moment I believe that they want to establish security measure regardless on the impact new security measures will have on the supply chain. But let me ask one simple question to the respective authorities – where have you been on September 11, 2001. Why haven’t you disregarded the numerous warnings on the preparation of the bombing, why precautious measures haven’t been taken before hijacking the planes.

The typical beaurucratic approach will only assist terrorists by building new “Iron Curtain” which will be spread virtually everywhere. I wonder why nobody has ever stressd the fact that the bombs have been intercepted, that they did not reached their targets by applying simple and obviously effective measures. Terrorists will not cease sending bombs or other threads. The goal of the security measures is not to stop them sending bombs, this can not be done. Only ceasing of existence of the terrorism will stop sending bombs over plains. The goal of the security measures is to intercept the thread as sonn as possible while business is working properly. Not an easy task, I admit, but this is the live isn’t it? Our job is also not easy.

Continuing with the bureaucratic approach will stop moving of air freight on passenger flights. Thus absolving passenger airlines of a good deal of revenue and customers of lower air freight rates. Who will be next. Cargo flights? Stopping the airfreight industry at all ?!?! And who is winning out of this?

Aren’t the terrorists the big winners if we let them to influence our businesses and our lives.

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