Airfreight Rate Request

In order to receive most accurate reply in shortest time which to respond completely to your specific needs please, provide as much of the information required in the form below:

1. Please provide accurate and complete contact information for smooth feedback and fast rate quote reply from our side.

2. Please clarify as accurate as possible the places of loading and delivery providing at least the name of places and their post/zip codes. Though this fields are not mandatory, we can not quote door-to-door and door-to-airport services without this information

3. Please advise the names of airports of departure and arrival. If we find a better solution through other airports, we will discuss    this with you.

4. Please provide detailed information about your load or traffic concerning

– commodity – if it is DGR please advise class, UN number and packing group
– Gross weight of the load and of specific pieces of load if weight per piece is bigger
– Pieces and dimensions for LCL quotation
– is the load stackable or not. If stackable how many pieces can be stacked one over the other
– when your goods will be ready for pick-up and when you want your load delivered
– Clarify specific conditions during transportation – temperature, handling instructions, fragility etc.

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