Rail transport China – Bulgaria

IN the last few years the rail transport is gaining strength on the freight market, due to its competitiveness, offering a good price for good transit time. The rail transportation is a good option for more and more importers – due to the unpredictable climate changes, the rising cost of the fuel, the high costs needed for the optimization of the ocean transportation, according the new ecological requirements – all those and many more factors, leading to a constant and sometimes unpredictable rise of the air and ocean freight.

For the transports from China to Bulgaria now we are able to offer a reliable door to door service. It is available for the whole territory of China with departure stations Chengdu and Wuhan. The delivery is via train to Lodz station, Poland. The shipments are delivered from there to a groupage warehouse in Sofia by road.

The departures from China are 3 times a week, and the deliveries from Poland to Bulgaria – every day. The total transit time from a station in China to a warehouse in Sofia is about 27 days. You can add a delivery from Sofia to a warehouse anywhere in Bulgaria (and even the nearest countries).

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