Ocean shipping container dimensions

How much goods can I stuff in a container? We very often hear this question while discussing opportunities for shipping goods via ocean freight worldwide.

Depending on the type of the commodity to be moved and how it is packed for transportation, there are different types of containers: standard dry vans, reefers, flat racks, open tops, tank containers.

Below you can find the dimensions and maximum payload per container depending on the container type.

1. Standard dry van containers: 20’DV, 40’DV, 40’HC:

These are the most used containers for general goods most often packed in cartons and standard pallets.

Dimensions of standard dry van containers

Dimensions of standard dry van containers

2. Reefer containers: 20’RF, 40’RF, 40’RH

Designed to transport goods within a temperature controlled environment, these containers are used for shipping of commodities sensitive to the atmosphere conditions.

Dimensions of reefer containers

Dimensions of reefers

3. Open top containers; 20’OT, 40’OT, 40’OH

These containers are used for goods which can be loaded and unloaded only with a crane from the top of the container. That is why the container top is substituted with a tarpaulin cover and the cargo can easily be secured with lashing bars and bull rings.

Dimensions of Open Top's

Dimensions of Open Top containers

4. Flat racks: 20’FR, 40’FR

Flat racks are containers used mainly for oversized and overweight shipments – no matter in-gauge or out-of-gauge. There are many types of flat racks – fixed corners, flush fold, collapsible sides, platforms


Dimensions of flat racks

Dimensions of flat rack containers

If you have any questions and requests related to the transportation of goods with containers. Please do not hesitate to contact us.