LCL Transportation from Bulgaria to Australia

LCL to Australia postIf you need to send a small commercial shipment economically to Australia, LCL ocean transportation is the solution and Bulgarian freight forwarder KG SID will deliver it for you.

We offer regular fortnightly departures from a consolidation warehouse in Varna via port of Singapore to depots based in main Australian ports of Melbourne, Sydney, Fremantle, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Container closes the day before the scheduled departure and  because the service from Varna becomes more and more attractive, departures become frequent which squeezes the overall shipment lead time and makes the service even more attractive.

Transit times from departures from Varna port are:

to Melbourne: 49 days
to Sydney: 47 days
to Brisbane: 45 days
to Fremantle: 42 days
to Adelaide: 49 days

The transit time includes: time from departure from port Varna-West to sorting depot in Singapore, loading in Singapore and departure from Singapore to the Australian ports.

We also offer value added services such as:

Pick-up of shipments from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries
Export Customs Clearance
Any other services that may arise in the course of the work.

For quotation and schedules as well for orders please contact Bulgarian freight forwarder and logistics provider KG SID Ltd.

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3 thought on “LCL Transportation from Bulgaria to Australia”

  1. Hi there, my company is based in Australia and specializes in domestic cargo Australia Wide. We would be pleased to offer you services for any ‘land based’ transport in Australia from any port to any destination. We predominately service the Oil and Energy sector but would be pleased to quote on any freight task you may have in our country. We can offer you prompt quotations, personal service and regular updates on shipments across Australia.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me directly via email or phone +61 418 503494
    Kind regards, David Ritchie

  2. Ryan Turbill says:

    Australia is one of the biggest countries featuring bus freight transportation with cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Queensland where bus freight is being transported every single day. In this article we are going to explain in more depth the bus freight system, its advantages and limitations.

  3. Ryan Turbill says:

    Really awesome, in-depth information! Thanks for all the great tips, it’s nice to see them all in one place.

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