Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey

Year-of-the-Monkey-2016-712The Chinese Spring Festival is ahead. China and most of the Asian countries will be celebrating from 4 February till 14 February. This is the longest public holiday in China and has an immense effect on the economy, as for over a decade China has become the biggest manufacturer in the world. If you have an order made to a Chinese company, you’ll have to wait for about two weeks to have it completed and shipped.

This year Chinese people will welcome their 4713 year, following the moon calendar, which is the main reason for the different timing of the festival. Usually the celebration starts in the darkest night and has a day-by day guide of things to do, if you wish to have good luck in the incoming year, like making decorations in red, giving red envelopes with money, etc. Of course, there are taboos also – things that are bringing bad luck and have to be avoided (like washing hair the first three days of the celebration).

The pick of the holiday is the end of the lunar month and the beginning of the new month and year – the time for the Big Family Dinner, called Reunion. People are traveling from far just to be with their big families on this day. Of course, it is also a time for the wealthier Chinese to go abroad on a long vacation.

This year, according the Chinese horoscope, will be the Year of the Fire Monkey – there will be plenty of frauds, deceptions and illusions, the things won’t be always as they seem to be. As the Monkey is adventurous, you can be prepared to welcome sudden changes in your life.

We wish to all of our partners and customers in Asia, who celebrate this festivity – a prosperous, healthy and wealthy year.

May the Luck be with you all !!