Author: Stoilov Georgi

Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey

The Chinese Spring Festival is ahead. China and most of the Asian countries will be celebrating from 4 February till 14 February. This is the longest public holiday in China and has an immense effect on the economy, as for over a decade China has become the biggest manufacturer in the world. If you have an order made to a Chinese company, you’ll have to … Continue reading Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey »

Thank you Care Services

I want to share a very positive experience we had at the Austrian- Swiss Border. Switzerland is not part of the customs union called European Union and when you truck goods to Switzerland you need to do some efforts in customs processing – but namely closing the export declaration issued in one of the EU countries making the import customs processing in Switzerland. The majority … Continue reading Thank you Care Services »

Ocean shipping container dimensions

How much goods can I stuff in a container? We very often hear this question while discussing opportunities for shipping goods via ocean freight worldwide. Depending on the type of the commodity to be moved and how it is packed for transportation, there are different types of containers: standard dry vans, reefers, flat racks, open tops, tank containers. Below you can find the dimensions and … Continue reading Ocean shipping container dimensions »

Happy New Year

              Dear customers, partners and suppliers Happy New Year !! KG CARGO Ltd. team wishes you to have a successful and  very positive 2016. May the Force be with you