Al Italia has lifted the embargo for cargo to Lagos, Nigeria

The airline Al Italia has lifted the embargo on cargo shipments to Lagos, Nigeria.

Now you can send all of your rate requests and bookings for air cargo shipments from Sofia airport to Lagos.

The flight schedule is as follow:

Departure from Sofia airport every day of the week except Saturday when AZ does not fly from Sofia.

Shipments should be tendered to the airline as follow:

In days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday by 16.30 local time
In day Friday the cargo should be tendered by 15.30 local time

Freight will fly on flight AZ521 departing SOF at 18.40 local time with ETA in FCO – 19.50 Local time in days Monday to Thursday and Sunday.
On Friday the departure from Sofia is at 17.40 local time ETA in FCO – 18.50 local time.

The connecting flilght from FCO to LOS is AZ844 operating on days Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

ETD FCO – 15.05 local time
ETA LOS – 20.50 local time

Taking into consideration the technology of cargo handling at transfer airport for all of your shipments departing in days Friday, Sunday and Monday from Sofia airport the earliest connection to Lagos is on Tuesday.  For all of your shipemtns departing on Tuesday and Wednesday from Sofia the earliest connection flight is on Thursday and for the shipemtns departing from Sofia on Thursday the earliest connection flight is on Friday.

I believe this info to be of use for all customers having airfreight shipments from Bulgaria to Nigeria.

If you want to request a rate for airfreight to Lagos or any other destination flying from Sofia, Bulgaria  please do it here.

If you wan to request more information about KG SID freight forwarding and logistics services please contact us.

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