Airfreight to Central Asia with Ural Airlines via Sofia Airport

In the past we have tried to move some loads from USA to Dushanbe and we found that the options are very limited especially when it is about to move from airports different from New York and Los Angeles.  As we are people who constantly look to satisfy customer needs in logistics and transportation, we moved the freight to Sofia Airport from where we have transferred the goods to Ural Airlines and delivered them to Dushanbe.

Rate was very acceptable to the customer and we have satisfied their needs.

This inspired me to make a short presentation of Ural Airlines and show the opportunities which we can provide not only to the shippers from Bulgaria but also to shippers from USA for example.

Ural Airlines
Carrier code: U6
Carrier prefix: 262

Ural Airlines is one of the fastest developing Russian Airlines with headquarters and main cargo hub based at Yekaterinburg Airport.

The airline operates with a fleet of narrow bodied airplanes A320 and A321.

Bulgarian freight forwarder KG CARGO Ltd. provides services from Sofia via the network of Ural Airlines to following airports:


IATA code

Baku BAK Azerbaijan
Beijing BJS


Bishkek FRU Kyrgyzstan


DYU Tajikistan


HRB China


LBD Tajikistan
Namangan NMA Uzbekistan

Nizhni Novgorod




OSS Kyrgyzstan
Samarkand SKD Uzbekistan


TAS Uzbekistan




Yekaterinburg SVX





Operating the narrow bodied airplanes limits the unit weight per package to 100 kilos and the dimensions to 120/80/85 centimeters (the height of 85 cm is maximum allowed and can not be passed) but from the other side this the airline provides good opportunities for transportation of goods packed in carton boxes as this shipments are within the above limitations.

One of the best advantages using Ural Airlines is the absence of transit tax at Yekaterinburg Airport to the airports from the Russian Federation, which makes the cargo rates very competitive and allows for timely delivery of the freight moving on the Ural Airlines Network.

US shippers and forwarders can benefit from our operations in Sofia and together we can move their loads via Sofia Airport to the airports served by Ural Airlines.

For rate requests and bookings please contact Bulgarian forwarder KG CARGO Ltd.

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  1. Den says:

    Using Ural Airlines for cargo from China to CIS countries is competitive recently.

  2. Thanks for the articles, have book marked them and will definitely be taking forward some of their advice. Thanks again! I’ll be back for more tips next week!

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