KG CARGO has been established in 2012.  The company develops  as logistics provider more as a small 4PL rather than 3PL by outsourcing the capital consuming activities (warehousing, customs brokerage, airport and port handling) to neutral subcontractors  and to concentrate more on customer service, sales and marketing activities in area of air freight, ocean freight and road freight transportation.

It is the inherent understanding of the owners of KG CARGO that  developing strong relationships with partners should be done on a win-win basis for both of them and trust is of utmost importance.

Customer Service, term so much used and so less understood is one of the corner stones of KG CARGO. We listen, we think and we care about our customer’s loads moving up and down the supply chain.  We know where are the bottlenecks and we strive to either overcome them or to diminish their influence.  Our network of experienced and narrowly specialized subcontractors in customs brokerage, warehousing and inland deliveries helps us to design customer tailored solutions replying to the specific needs of our customers.

Whether you are looking for critical delivery solution or for the most cost effective shipping method, we at KG CARGO are ready to dig in your needs and to find the solution which will benefit you most.

In doubt or in need – do not hesitate – contact us !!

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